September 8, 2021

    New Feature: Miro Integration

    Our team has been hard at work building a new streaming tool, Social27 Self Streamer, for sessions. In addition to its other great features, this new streaming tool allows you to integrate the software you use every day into your events.

    The first of these integrations we’re rolling out is the ability to integrate Miro into your sessions and meetings. Miro is an online interactive whiteboard platform that helps users collaborate, ideate, and strategize. Your event attendees will be able to access Miro in meetings powered by Social27 and sessions powered by Social27 Self Streamer.

    Stay tuned as we build more integration options that give you the tools you need to make your events more efficient and impactful for your attendees.

    September 1, 2021

      Events Builder Update: New and Improved Features

      We have some fun news! One new feature and two improved features have been rolled out the the Events Builder that will enhance your ability to build and manage your events.


      We’ve created a new feature for the Events Builder that will enhance your ability to update and customize the look and feel of your event pages: the Theme Designer. Check out the new Theme Designer documentation in our Help Center to learn how to design your event using this new feature.


      We’ve improved how you create sessions in the Events Builder. This new design is more intuitive and allows you to create sessions quickly and with ease. Check out the new sessions documentation in our Help Center to learn how to create sessions using this improved feature.


      We’ve updated how you create Playlists in the Events Builder. This new design is more intuitive and allows you to create Playlists quickly and with ease, without first having to add content to the Content Hub. Check out the new Playlist documentation in our Help Center to learn how to create Playlists using this improved feature.

      August 20, 2021

        Reporting Update: Sponsor Workspace Dashboard

        In an effort to enhance the value of reporting for sponsors, we are revamping and updating the Sponsor Workspace Dashboard over the next few weeks. These updates will reflect the report uniformity changes that we have been implementing in the Events Builder Analytics, as well as make the reports more useful to sponsors.

        Planned changes include:

        • A new Booth Interactions report that will allows sponsors to see all actions taken by individual users, as well as companies, who visited their booth
        • A new Sponsored Meetings report that will allow sponsors to see data for all users who attended their sponsored Roundtables and Boardrooms
        • Improved data visualizations for the Booth Visitor Trends and Area of Interest reports
        • Moving the Lead Generation Form report to its own page that contains additional functionality which will enable more meaningful interactions between sponsors and the attendees who visit their booth
        • An improved interface that allows sponsors to easily switch between different data sets (ex: Resource Downloads Summary vs. Resource Downloads by User) and download the reports they are most interested in
        • Field name uniformity across reports

        In addition to these changes, due to privacy considerations, we will be removing the Sponsor Booth Staff Connection Log report from the Sponsor Workspace Dashboard. This report will still be available to event owners on the Sponsors Dashboard in the Events Builder.

        Keep an eye on our spreadsheet that lists all fields in our reports (updated regularly), as well as the Sponsor Workspace Reporting articles in our Help Center.

        July 21, 2021

          Reporting Update

          As the next step in our Analytics improvement efforts, we are focusing on report uniformity, particularly consistent field names and field order.

          Over the next few weeks, we will update the order in which fields appear in the downloadable versions of our reports, as well as ensure that field names are consistent between reports (e.g., every report will refer to First Name, not User First Name or Name). Currently, no changes will be made to the tables displayed on the various Analytics tabs in the Events Builder.

          These updates will allow you to more easily map the fields in your event data to external systems.

          Other upcoming reporting changes include:

          • New fields that reflect new platform functionality (such as Department)
          • Splitting all Date/Time fields into separate fields for easier filtering in Excel

          Remember, you can always check out this spreadsheet that lists all fields in our reports (updated regularly., as well as the Reporting articles in our Help Center.

          July 12, 2021

            Roundtables and Boardrooms Update

            We’ve updated the UI for creating Roundtables and Boardrooms to make meeting creation more intuitive. Check out our Help Center articles to see screenshots of the new design and to learn more. (Note that this is a UI update only; all meeting functionality remains the same.)

            June 23, 2021

              Fixes and Optimizations

              Events Builder

              • User Management
                • We’ve updated the User Roles counters on the Home page to accurately reflect counts of your various user types.
                • Now, when you create a new user from the Events Builder (either one at a time or via bulk upload) and do not add a profile picture, the placeholder image will be that user’s initials.
              • Sponsor Management
                • We’ve fixed pain points surrounding the Enable Meeting Scheduler setting on the Edit Sponsor page. This setting now functions as it is supposed to.
                • The Tags field in the Edit Sponsor page has been updated to Areas of Interest.
              • Playlist
                • We’ve cleaned up the Playlist UI and removed some extra buttons that were causing user confusion.
                • The Private Tags field has been removed from the Content Hub.
              • Sessions Bulk Upload
                • You are now able to view recently added sessions that were added to the Events Builder via bulk upload.
              • Roundtables
                • We’ve resolved the pain point of users who created a meeting in the Events Builder but didn’t see it appear on the event site.
                • Users are now prevented from creating meetings that are scheduled for a past date/time (irrespective of time zone).
              • Notifications
                • The Notifications display popups have been cleaned up with a center-aligned heading.
                • For a better UI experience when viewing the list of notifications in the Events Builder, notification message content has been truncated. Hovering over the message will reveal a pop out that includes the full message content.

              Reporting & Analytics

              • Performance Optimization
                • We’ve increased our server capacity to support repots containing 50,000+ records.
              • Roundtables Report
                • Check out the new Roundtables report to get all the information you need about your Roundtables and Boardrooms. (Documentation for this new report is coming soon!)
              • Date Filter
                • We’ve fixed some pain points surrounding the date range filter not displaying 6-month, 12-month, and custom date ranges correctly.

              Sponsor Workspace

              • Logos and Banners
                • Sponsor logos can now be edited from the Edit Sponsor page.
                • A confirmation popup window will appear if a user deletes a logo or banner image.

              May 27, 2021

                New Feature: Session Restrictions

                We’ve introduced a new feature for sessions: Session Restrictions. This feature gives you even more control over your sessions by allowing you to determine if certain sessions can only be visible to certain user types. For more information about this new feature, check out this Help Center article.

                May 19, 2021

                  Fixes and Optimizations

                  Reporting & Analytics

                  We’ve made a number of updates and improvements to Social27 Analytics — too many to list here! For full documentation on the new and improved reporting, check out our Help Center articles. If you are looking for a quick Analytics overview, check out this article. We’ll continue to add Analytics documentation to our Help Center that will help you navigate through our reports with ease.

                  We’ve received many requests for a document that includes all fields that appear in Analytics. In response, we have created this spreadsheet you can reference whenever needed. We will keep this spreadsheet updated as best as we can, but it may not always reflect every field included in reporting, as we are continually updating and improving the data we make available to you!