April 21, 2021

    Fixes and Optimizations

    Reporting & Analytics

    • Reporting UI Updates
      • Expect to find fewer reports available under the Downloads tabs and all reports under Dashboard tabs. End goal is to remove all reports from Downloads and shift them to Dashboard.
      • Check out the post from April 15 for more details.
    • Survey Report
      • The Survey report has been updated to remove nearly all filters and conditional logic, ensuring no submissions are “cleaned” by the database.

    Events Builder

    • Super User Functionality
      • Super Users can now enforce page restrictions.
    • General Settings Toggles
    • Deleting User Updates
      • Now, when you delete a user, you will see a Delete User pop-up notification.
    • Session Tracks
      • The pain point surrounding the disappearance of session tracks when editing sessions in the Events Builder has been resolved.
    • Speaker and Session AOIs
      • The pain point surrounding the duplication of AOIs on speakers and sessions has been resolved.
    • User Management
    • Scheduled Notifications
    • Poster Page
      • The Poster page and functionality is being updated.

    Attendee Site

    • Roundtables
      • Roundtable functionality is being improved and stabilized including functionality surrounding locked/unlocked meetings, time zone, and Social27 meeting provider stability.