March 17, 2021

    New Features


    Quizzes can now be created using the Events Builder. Quizzes can be assigned to sessions or Happy Hours and currently can be created using three different question types:

    • Checkbox
    • Radio group
    • Dropdown

    Using the new Quizzes feature, you can can change quiz settings, set timers, add logos to the quiz page, and much more.

    Fixes and Optimizations

    Events Builder

    • Character Limit Notifications
      • Now, when you create a user from the Add New User page, you will see the number of allowed characters for each field.
    • Speaker Order
      • Now, when speakers are re-ordered in the Events Builder, users will see the same order when they log into the Attendee site.
    • Happy Hour Playlist and Media List
      • You will now have a seamless experience when updating media files and content in Happy Hour Playlists.
    • Notifications page
      • You can now edit Created (Queued) notifications and view the status for Delivered notifications.
    • General Settings page
      • The time and date format has been updated
    • Recommendations
    • Custom Logo for Roundtables and Boardrooms

    Sponsor Workspace

    • Pain points resolved concerning:
      • Sponsor Preview Functionality
      • Booth Sections
      • Data Duplication
      • Unavailability of resources