April 28, 2021

    Fixes and Optimizations

    Events Builder

    • Registration
      • The Registration page now allows you to blacklist certain email domains to prevent unwanted registrations.
    • Admin
      • Sorting and filtering for the User Management page has been improved.
      • Bulk upload of sessions and sponsors has been improved.
      • The Company field for users and speakers now accommodates the full 200 characters.
    • Pages
      • Multiple pain points surrounding Poster Manager have been remediated, including problems with the bulk upload functionality.
    • Content
      • On the Sessions page, you can now filter sessions by typing an Area of Interest (AOI) in the search bar.
      • Uploading images to Happy Hours has been improved and stabilized.
      • Missing features have been added and pain points remediated for Roundtables and Boardrooms, particularly when creating meetings powered by Social27.
    • Engagement
      • Sub-AOIs now paginate and save correctly on the Areas of Interest page.
      • A new badge, Trophies, which can be awarded to groups, is coming your way in June 2021.
    • Notifications
    • General Settings
      • Page Settings (General Settings > Pages) has been updated for greater functionality and reliability, including the ability to edit sponsor search settings.

    Reporting & Analytics

    • Overall Improvements
      • All reporting labels are being updated for easier readability and understanding, tool tips have been added to help you understand the information you are seeing, and contextual fields, such as User Role, have been added to many reports.
      • Comprehensive documentation that details all updates that have been made to Social27’s reporting is coming soon!
    • Custom Reports Tab
      • This tab no longer appears in the Events Builder. Reach out to your CSM if you have any questions or concerns about the reports that were located in this tab.
    • Downloads Tabs
      • Please note, the Downloads tabs will soon be removed and all reports will be transitioned to the Dashboard tabs. Check out this post for more details.
    • Dashboard
      • The Analytics Dashboard interface update is complete! Take a moment to check out the new and improved look and see what’s happening in your event.
    • Users Dashboard
      • The old Registration by milliseconds report has been improved and moved to a new location. You can now find it by navigating to the first report on the Users tab.
      • The Day Wise First In Last Out report that once appeared on the Downloads tab can now be found on the Users Dashboard tab.
      • The User Connections report that once appeared on the Downloads tab can now be found on the Users Dashboard tab.
    • Sessions Dashboard
      • Use the toggle buttons on the first report in this tab, to view the Top Sessions and Session Attendance reports, which contain all details about the session.
    • Sponsors Dashboard
      • Use the toggle buttons on the first report in this tab, to view the Top Booth Visitors and Total Booth Visitors reports, which contain all details about sponsor booth visitors.

    Attendee Platform

    • Roundtables
      • Attendees can now see a lock icon on Roundtables and Boardrooms that are locked and not allowing additional attendees to join.
    • Hello World! Videos
      • We’ve added a notification informing users if they are using browsers that don’t support video recording and playback. (Google Chrome is the recommended browser for the Social27 platform.)
    • Accessibility
      • We’ve been improving the accessibility of our platform. Full documentation of these improvements is coming soon.
    • Responsive Layout
      • We’ve updated our layout to be more responsive to mobile devices.
    • CEU Credits
      • We’re beginning to introduce functionality that allows you to provide attendees with CEU credits. Contact your CSM for more information.