March 1, 2021

    Feature Updates

    Events Builder

    • Google Analytics and Adobe
      • You can now track business analytics information using Google Analytics and Adobe business tools. Talk to your CSM if you are interested in using this feature.
    • General Settings: User Cookie Consent
      • A new tab, User Cookie Consent now appears in the Pages section. This form will allow you to seek user consent for cookies.

    Reporting & Analytics

    • Dashboard: Calendar View and Tool Tips
      • A calendar view option has been added to the Dashboard section. You can select date ranges from the available combinations or set a custom date range. This calendar view is also available in the Sponsor Workspace.
      • The timestamp below the calendar now reflects the event time zone.

    Fixes and Optimizations

    Events Editor

    • Registration Form Creation: Loading Time
      • Previously, creating a registration form was made difficult by long loading times. With this optimization, registration form creation will be quick and easy.
    • Roundtables: Editing
    • Sponsor Bulk Upload: Areas of Interest
      • You can now add Areas of Interest (AOIs) in the sponsor bulk upload file.
    • Booth Manager: Duplication
      • Previously, content added in one sponsor booth was sometimes duplicated across all booths. This has been resolved.
    • Gamification: Parameters for Challenges
    • Broadcast Notifications: Server Sync
      • Notifications are now synced with the notification server, which means that newly created notifications will appear to your users immediately after you create them.


    • Time Zone
      • All reports in the Events Builder will now reflect the event’s time zone.