April 15, 2021

    Changes Coming to Social27’s Downloadable Reports

    Social27’s Analytics Dashboard has a new look and feel. This updated layout is easy to navigate, allowing you to see more information without as much scrolling. The new graphs are more informative and intelligent, and contain highly accurate and informative tool tips.

    In addition to the new Dashboard layout, you’ll now find new locations to download your reports. Previously, the large number of downloadable reports available resulted in confusion, sometimes hindering users from finding the data they need. We have reduced this complexity by limiting the total number of reports, while still ensuring all data you need can be easily found.

    What are ‘Downloadable Reports’?

    Downloadable reports can currently be found by navigating to a section in the Social27 Analytics Dashboard and clicking the Downloads tab.

    What changes can I expect and when will these take effect?

    We’re improving user experience by hosting fewer reports, but the remaining reports will contain more fields and functionality. You’ll still have access to all the same information, but you can spend less time trying to find the correct report and more time exploring your event data. These changes will be rolled out weekly beginning April 19th, with the changes expected to completed by May 10th.

    We are shifting all reporting features to a single tab that users can click, such as Users, rather than having to click Users then Downloads. All reports on this page can be downloaded to Excel by clicking the Download button in the top right corner of the report:

    The Custom Reports tab will be removed entirely.

    See the tables below for the new location of each Downloadable Report’s data.

    Users Downloads

    Registration Reports

    Users Reports

    Agenda Reports

    Sessions Downloads

    Sessions Reports

    Speakers Reports

    Posters Reports

    Sponsors Downloads

    Sponsors Booth Reports

    Resources Reports

    Playlist Reports