April 5, 2021

    Fixes and Optimizations

    Reporting & Analytics

    • New Analytics Design and Layout
      • Social27’s Analytics Dashboard has a new look and feel. This new, efficient layout is easy to navigate and makes better use of screen real estate, allowing you to see more information without as much scrolling.
      • The new graphs are more informative and intelligent, and contain highly accurate and informative tool tips.
    • Registration Report
      • The Registration report is now available as the first report on the Users Dashboard (Analytics > Users > Dashboard).
      • Custom fields, user roles (called User Permissions for clarity), and UTM links are now included in this report.
      • This report is currently available on the Downloads > Custom Reports page, but this page will be phased out soon (see below).
    • Custom Reports
      • You can now find all reports that previously appeared on the Custom Reports page on the Downloads tab of their respective Analytics pages. (i.e., all Custom Reports related to Users can now be found at Analytics > Users > Downloads).
      • Starting next week, some reports will be merged into a single report and, when possible, moved to the appropriate Dashboard page.
      • The Analytics > Custom Reports page will be phased in the near future as reports are moved to the various Downloads pages.

    March 31, 2021

      Fixes and Optimizations

      Attendee Site

      • Roundtables and Boardrooms
        • You can now create sponsored roundtables and boardrooms without being associated with a booth. (You must first be added as booth rep to create these roundtables/boardrooms.)
      • Boardrooms
        • In the Meeting Details section, Accepted and Pending icons will now appear on the profile images of all invited attendees to identify which attendees have accepted the boardroom invite and for which attendees the invite is still pending.
      • Live Sessions
        • You will now see a live session banner at the top of the Sessions page whenever a live session is currently in progress. You can click on this banner to easily join the session.

      Events Builder

      • Speaker Order
        • On the Admin > Speakers page, the speaker‘s Display Order (position on the Speakers page in the attendee site) now appears in the bottom right corner of speaker’s tile.

      Reporting & Analytics

      • Registration Report
        • Custom reporting fields will now appear on the Registration report, which can be accessed in the Events Builder by navigating to Dashboard > Users > Downloads.

      March 17, 2021

        New Features


        Quizzes can now be created using the Events Builder. Quizzes can be assigned to sessions or Happy Hours and currently can be created using three different question types:

        • Checkbox
        • Radio group
        • Dropdown

        Using the new Quizzes feature, you can can change quiz settings, set timers, add logos to the quiz page, and much more.

        Fixes and Optimizations

        Events Builder

        • Character Limit Notifications
          • Now, when you create a user from the Add New User page, you will see the number of allowed characters for each field.
        • Speaker Order
          • Now, when speakers are re-ordered in the Events Builder, users will see the same order when they log into the Attendee site.
        • Happy Hour Playlist and Media List
          • You will now have a seamless experience when updating media files and content in Happy Hour Playlists.
        • Notifications page
          • You can now edit Created (Queued) notifications and view the status for Delivered notifications.
        • General Settings page
          • The time and date format has been updated
        • Recommendations
        • Custom Logo for Roundtables and Boardrooms

        Sponsor Workspace

        • Pain points resolved concerning:
          • Sponsor Preview Functionality
          • Booth Sections
          • Data Duplication
          • Unavailability of resources

        March 1, 2021

          Feature Updates

          Events Builder

          • Google Analytics and Adobe
            • You can now track business analytics information using Google Analytics and Adobe business tools. Talk to your CSM if you are interested in using this feature.
          • General Settings: User Cookie Consent
            • A new tab, User Cookie Consent now appears in the Pages section. This form will allow you to seek user consent for cookies.

          Reporting & Analytics

          • Dashboard: Calendar View and Tool Tips
            • A calendar view option has been added to the Dashboard section. You can select date ranges from the available combinations or set a custom date range. This calendar view is also available in the Sponsor Workspace.
            • The timestamp below the calendar now reflects the event time zone.

          Fixes and Optimizations

          Events Editor

          • Registration Form Creation: Loading Time
            • Previously, creating a registration form was made difficult by long loading times. With this optimization, registration form creation will be quick and easy.
          • Roundtables: Editing
          • Sponsor Bulk Upload: Areas of Interest
            • You can now add Areas of Interest (AOIs) in the sponsor bulk upload file.
          • Booth Manager: Duplication
            • Previously, content added in one sponsor booth was sometimes duplicated across all booths. This has been resolved.
          • Gamification: Parameters for Challenges
          • Broadcast Notifications: Server Sync
            • Notifications are now synced with the notification server, which means that newly created notifications will appear to your users immediately after you create them.


          • Time Zone
            • All reports in the Events Builder will now reflect the event’s time zone.