March 15, 2022

    New Products Update

    We’ve released some new features this week, the first one will allow your attendees to delete their profile from the front end and the second one will allow event owners and moderators to capture the live analytics on your event.

    This article will explain the high-level list of what will be changed: 

    Delete Profile

    As an event attendee, you have a profile that you can update to include your profile picture, bio, and Hello World! video. On your profile, you can view connections you make with other attendees, Soapbox videos you’ve uploaded, one-on-one chats sent to you from other attendees, and badges you have earned during the event.

    This article outlines the steps you should follow to delete your profile from an event hosted by the Social27 Virtual Events Platform.

    Log in to your event and select your profile picture from the top navigation bar. Select Delete My Account under my profile option and select Request For Pin.

    Check the email address you used to register for the event. You will see an email from that contains a Delete Pin.

    Return to your profile, and click the Already have a pin? link, enter the Delete Pin you received via email, and click Delete Account.

    Note: Deleting your profile will result in permanent loss of your access to the event(s) AND you will not be able to register for the event(s) using the same email address in the future.

    Live Analytics

    The Social27 Live Analytics Dashboard will allow you to:

    • Identify the attendees that are currently active on a particular page. or viewing a particular page and also the maximum no of users that have visited the page at a point in time and are on that page which will help you in understanding which page is getting the most traction.
    • It also showcases how many people are currently active on the event site and what is the max user count for a particular event which will provide information about traffic on your event.

    To get the live analytics details log in to the event site and select the analytics icon from the top menu bar.

    Note:- Live analytics is only available for Events Owners and Moderators

    Q&A Reporting

    This report displays all chats sent during the session/s specified in the Sessions dropdown menu.

    The report shows both session chat and moderated Q&A because both chats and moderated Q&A occur simultaneously during a session, and looking at both in the same report can help you better understand the interactions that took place during a session. You can filter the Q&A Chat column to see only Q&A or Public Chat. Questions posed in a session’s moderated Q&A will appear in the Chat Text column and each reply in the Comment on Chat column. The same question may display multiple times in the Chat Text column if it received multiple replies.

    How Can I Use This Report?

    • Check the chat details to ensure that all users’ questions were answered and reach out if any were missed.
    • Check which questions were published by the moderator and which were unpublished.

    February 14, 2022

      New Products Update

      We’ve improved our Roundtable feature, making it easier for you to interact with the new layout. We have also added a top menu rail for ease of accessibility and improved aesthetics. We have also added the functionality to allow event owners and moderators to create polls from the event site. Additionally, we have introduced a brand new feature known as Speed Networking and User Presence which will allow attendees to connect with other attendees with the same areas of interest and make valuable connections in whichever way best suits you.

      This article will explain the high-level list of what will be changed: 

      Roundtables and Boardrooms 

      Roundtables and Boardrooms are small-group video meetings that enable participants to connect with other registered event users like attendees, speakers, and sponsors. 

      The new Roundtable page will have three primary tabs at the top that will categorize them under the following:   

      • My meetings: These are the meetings  that you either create or get invited to attend 
      • Public: These are the meetings shown to everyone  
      • Sponsored: These are meetings created by Booth Representatives 

      These are the different types of meetings: 

      • All 
      • One on One 
      • Roundtables: meetings with six or fewer members  
      • Boardrooms: meetings with up to fifteen (15) participants  

       The new page will also have two different layout options: 

      1. The List View 
      1. The Grid View 

      Attendees can also click on the “Add to agenda” icon to add meetings to their Agenda

      Top Bar Navigation  

      We now have a top navigation pane for increased ease of use. This entire page is always accessible no matter where the user is on the event registration site. 

      On the top right corner of the navigation page, you can find the My Agenda, Time zone, Notification, and My Profile menus.  

      Click My Agenda in the top right navigation menu to view the sessions you have added to your agenda. 

      The Time zone feature will let users set the event time in the following: 

      • Event: This shows the original time zone set up by the event organizer 
      • System: Shows the time of your device  
      • Default: Displays the originally set time zone 
      • Other: This will let you choose your preferred time zone  

      Notifications The user will see a list of notifications that they have received and shows a red dot when they have unread notifications. This feature can be disabled if not applicable to your event. 

      On the new My Profile Page, you can do the following: 

      • Update to include your profile picture, bio, and Hello World! video.  
      • You can also view connections you make with other attendees. 
      • Check the Soapbox videos you have uploaded. 
      • Check one-on-one chats sent to you from other attendees. 
      • Go into Incognito Mode.  
      • And this is where you can also see your online presence.  

      Polls [can be disabled if not applicable to your event] 

      You can add Polls directly from the event site, have them created by Event owners, moderators, and speakers assigned to a session, or allow booth reps to create them in their exhibitor booth Microsite. 

      How to create a poll from the event site? 

      You need first to enable polls in General Settings to create a poll. First, log in to the Events Builder and click on your event. Next, click General Settings > Pages and turn on the Enable Polls toggle in the General section. 

      Note: Enabling this setting will set the Polls tab in the Chat sidebar to appear in all sessions. 

      Once enabled, log in to your event and navigate to the session you want the Poll to appear in. Next, click the message icon in the top right corner of the screen to reveal the chat sidebar, click the Polls tab, then Create Poll. 

      Enter your question in the Question field and use the plus and trash can icons to add and remove answer options. You can add up to nine answer options, and you have an option to hide polls from attendees. 

      After entering your poll question and options, you can set when you would like the Poll to be published and appear to session attendees: now or at a future date/time. 

      Polls Results? 

      When attendees respond to a poll, the page will reload to display their response. Anyone, attendees, included, can view the poll results. Moderators can click View Results, while attendees need to navigate to the Polls tab in the chat sidebar to see how all respondents have answered the Poll. These results are updated in real-time as attendees respond to the Poll. 

      CenterStage/Self Streamer 

      The CenterStage timer is now working when we push the session live. We can now also create polls. 

      When you push a session live, a timer will appear allowing you to track the length of your session to help you stay on track. You can also create polls within Self Streamer to keep your audience engaged throughout your stream. 

      Speed Networking 

      How Does Speed Networking Work?  

      Speed Networking in the Social27 Events Platform is a beautiful way to connect with other attendees with the same areas of interest and make valuable connections in whichever way best suits you. In Speed Networking, the Social27 platform looks at your selected Areas of Interest. Then, it matches you with attendees who have chosen those same interests. You can connect with your matches, immediately meet with them, or schedule a meeting for a future date/time. 

      To access Speed Networking, log in to your event, and navigate to the Networking Lounge using the left navigation menu. To start connecting with other attendees, click Meet someone new

      Allow the use of your device’s microphone and camera, then click Join Now.  

      Choose your areas of interest (the ones you selected when you first logged in to the platform will be pre-populated) and click Start Connecting

      Once you have verified your areas of interest: 

      • You can click Find Next Match to start connecting  
      • Or browse through the Speed Networking lobby and schedule meetings with other attendees who have checked out Speed Networking.  

      If you click Meet Now, you will enter a video call with your match where you can connect over your shared interests. When you hang up from the call, a feedback screen will load asking you to rate your experience, as well as your connection. It is essential to provide this information to help ensure your future matches are an even better fit. After giving feedback, you can meet more companions or return to the lobby. 

      When you click Find Next Match, the system will display one of your matches to you. Your profile appears on the right side of the screen, and your match’s profile is on the right. You can review the bio information they provided. If they are online, meet with them immediately (a), or if they are not online, schedule a future meeting (b). If you are not interested in meeting with them, click Next Match

      You can return to the Speed Networking lobby by clicking Next Match, then Exit to Room Lobby

      How Do I Manage My Speed Networking Settings?  

      As an event organizer, you can enable Social27’s Speed Networking feature to match like-minded attendees with one another so they can form valuable connections. This article explains the various Speed Networking settings you can customize. 

      To enable Speed Networking, log in to the platform, select a workspace, and open an event. Using the top toolbar, navigate to Networking > Speed Networking. Enable the Speed Networking toggle and click Speed Networking to adjust the feature’s settings. 

      This page shows you quick Speed Networking stats for your event. Click the Settings pencil icon to update the settings (when people can meet and for how long).

      On the settings, you can set when your attendees can begin connecting via Speed Networking (including time zone) and how long their meetings can last if they decide to meet now.  

      Finally, you can set whether your Speed Networking events occur a single time or reoccur daily. After you have made all your adjustments, click Create.

      User Presence

      What is User Presence? 

      You can use the Events Builder to set whether your users’ statuses (active/away/offline) appear beside their profile pictures in the Networking Lounge.

      Note: This feature is different from Incognito Mode, which is explained in this article.

      To access this feature, log in to the Events Builder and select your event. 

      Select General Settings from the left navigation panel, and click the Pages tab. Click the General dropdown to reveal the User Presence toggle. Turn the toggle to on and click Save at the bottom of the page.

      If this toggle is turned on, a small circle will appear beside their profile picture on the Networking Lounge page, indicating whether they are active, away, or offline

      December 21, 2021

        New Feature: My Activity

        We’ve released an awesome new feature this week that will allow your attendees to view a list of the actions they took while exploring your event.

        Attendees can access this information by navigating to a new My Activity tab in their profile. This tab displays all actions they have taken during the event and the date and time they took those actions.

        For more information about this new feature and how to enable it for your next event, check out our help center documentation.

        December 16, 2021

          Feature Update: Click Reports

          We’ve added two new reports to our Users Dashboard, which will help you understand what users are clicking on when they visit your event.

          Button Clicks

          This new report allows you to see every time a user clicks a button that directs them from one URL to another. This report includes the date/time of the click, as well as the originating URL (the page the button appears on) and the target URL (the page the button directs the user to). If a user clicks the same button multiple times, each click will be recorded as a separate row in this report.

          Event Click Summary

          With the new Event Click Summary report, you can track the total and unique numbers of buttons click on each of your event pages. This report helps you discover which pages are seeing the most click traffic from your event attendees.

          To access these new reports, log in to the Events Builder and use the left menu to go to Analytics > Users. Use the lower jump menu to navigate directly to each report. For more information about these new reports, as well as the rest of our user reports, check out our help documentation.

          November 10, 2021

            Feature Update: Polls

            We’ve improved our polling feature, making it easier for you to interact with session attendees and gauge their opinions and knowledge during your sessions. Moderators, speakers, and event owners can now create polls from the chat sidebar on session theater pages. As with our previous polling feature, polls can be pushed live immediately or scheduled to appear at a specific date/time. When a poll is published, it will appear to all session attendees in the chat sidebar. Once attendees answer a poll, they will be able to see the aggregated responses of all other attendees.

            For more information about this new polls functionality, check out our help center documentation.

            October 28, 2021

              Feature Update: Broadcast Notifications

              In the next few days, you’ll see a new version of our Broadcast Notifications creator. Not only will this tool have a cleaner and more intuitive workflow, but it will also allow you to target notifications to a specific user / group of users based on roles, permissions, sessions, or emails. Additionally, you will be able to set the delivery option for your notification: normal, important, or urgent.

              As soon as this feature is live, our help center will be updated to explain all aspects of this improved feature.

              October 20, 2021

                New and Improved Features

                We’ve released two awesome new features this week and wanted to give you a sneak peak for more new features coming your way in the next few weeks!

                Roundtables: Upgrade/Downgrade Meeting Participants

                We’ve added a new feature to Roundtables and Boardrooms that are powered by the Social27 meeting provider. Now, while a meeting is taking place, meeting hosts can access a Requests tab to “upgrade” meeting viewers (attendees who are observing but cannot be seen or heard by other attendees) to participants (who can be seen and heard by all attendees). This new feature works in the other direction as well, allowing hosts to “downgrade” meeting participants to viewers.

                Check out our help documentation for a full explanation of this new feature.

                Accept meeting viewer requests to join as meeting participants
                Downgrade meeting participants to meeting viewers

                Sponsor Workspace: Reporting Improvements

                Our improved and enhanced Sponsor Workspace Dashboard is now live! The Dashboard is easy and intuitive to navigate, includes improved data visualizations, and features a new sponsored meeting report. Additionally, all field names in the downloadable reports now match one another, ensuring uniformity across all reports for users who prefer to export their event data.

                Check out our help documentation for a full explanation of these reporting improvements.

                Features Coming Soon

                New Feature: Global Time Zone

                Within the next few weeks, we are introducing the ability for a user to update the time zone that is displayed across the entire event. This will ensure that your attendees won’t miss a second of your event sessions, meetings, and Happy Hours. Stay tuned for additional information and documentation about this feature!

                New Feature: Chat Flagging

                To ensure that all events hosted by Social27 are safe and inclusive spaces and adhere to the communication policies set by event organizers, we will be rolling out the ability for users to flag chats that they deem to be inappropriate, offensive, or abusive. Event moderators are then able to review flagged chats and remove them from the platform if necessary. You can find more information about this new feature by checking out our help documentation.

                October 13, 2021

                  New Custom Feature: Hybrid Sessions

                  At Social27, our goal is to ensure that your virtual events are able to seamlessly integrate with your in-person events for a hybrid experience.

                  Our latest addition to this feature set allows both in-person and remote participants to attend a session at the same time. During these sessions, both in-person and remote attendees can access the session’s Chat and Moderated Q&A features, session details, downloadable content, and speaker information – while allowing in-person attendees to toggle off the audio of their video stream. This toggle ensures that the audio from the virtual experience does not interfere with the in person experience. Additionally, we’ve updated our Session Analytics to capture whether each attendee is in-person or remote, giving the event owners invaluable insights into their session attendance. This hybrid experience allows all attendees to engage with one another and with the session speakers, regardless of their physical location.

                  If you’re interested in creating a similar hybrid experience for your event, please reach out to your CSM!

                  Remote Attendee View

                  Access to session player, session details, speaker information, Chat/Moderated Q&A, and downloadable content

                  In-Person Attendee View

                  Access to session details, speaker information, Chat/Moderated Q&A, and downloadable content

                  September 28, 2021

                    Reporting Update: Sessions

                    Next week, the Sessions download reports will be updated as part of our report uniformity efforts. These changes are minor and will only reflect in the downloadable versions of the Sessions reports. These updates include:

                    • Field names that appear in multiple reports will be the same in every report (e.g., every report will refer to Session Name, not Session Title)
                    • Fields that appear in multiple reports will always appear in the same order (e.g., Session Name will always appear before Session Code)
                    • New fields will be added that reflect new platform functionality (e.g., Department)
                    • All Date/Time fields have been split into separate fields for easier filtering

                    Check out our Reporting Fields spreadsheet to preview the planned changes.

                    September 24, 2021

                      New and Improved Features

                      Sessions Editor

                      Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback about our new Sessions editor. After hearing your thoughts, we made the following improvements to the landing page for this feature:

                      • Added a Classification column that immediately shows you the type of session and whether it is published or unpublished (You can also easily publish/unpublish a session from here.)Added a hover tool tip to display session codes in their entirety (some codes are too long to fit in the Session Code space and are truncated)
                      • Removed the Speakers column and instead added a speaker count to the Session Title section
                      • Improved the Search function
                      • Introduced the ability to set the number of search results per page (appears at the bottom of the page at the end of the search results list)

                      As always, check out our sessions help documentation to see a full overview of this feature, and please keep the feedback coming!

                      Profile Field Management

                      Profile field management is actually a feature that we rolled out several months ago that allows you to set which fields appear on user profiles, as well as which fields can be edited by your users from your event sites. You can find these settings if you navigate to General Settings > Pages > Profile and you can check out our help documentation for this feature here.

                      New Features Coming Soon

                      Stay tuned to see the following new features in the coming weeks/months:

                      If you have any questions about these updates or would like to learn more about the new features coming your way, please reach out to your CSM!